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Your Customer and New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Dan Wallace-Brewster on December 22, 2017

Introducing a new feature from Onestop's ecommerce research team - Animated Insights. One-minute features with interesting insights into online shoppers. Add a comment below to suggest things you'd like to know about your ecommerce shopper and it may be included in a future edition.


This month, we take a look at shoppers who make New Year's Resolutions. What does it say about their brand choices? BazaarVoice recently observed that the first major spike in fitness traffic for New Years Resolution search terms happens immediately after Christmas starting on the 26th, rising 5.6 times higher than usual interest. Google Trends shows that as consumers look to actually celebrate NYE, interest dips slightly and then explodes on the first of the year, presumably out of some guilt from celebrating the night before.

New Years Resolution Google Search Trend.png

How much are they dependent upon deals to make a purchase? What role does a brand's online presence play in their shopping decisions.  You might think these are random insights to pull from something as common as intent to make a New Year's Resolution, but you would be surprised (as we were).

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Topics: Holidays, New Years Resolutions, Ecommerce, search trends, Consumer behavior

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