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The Life of an Ecommerce Customer Order Through the Onestop Ecosystem

Posted by Contributors on May 3, 2018

In today’s digital marketplace, ecommerce is literally just one click away. Consumers use a variety of tools (search engines, social media, review sites, and so on) to make buying decisions, so an end-to-end, seamless ecommerce solution that focuses on meeting customers’ needs at every turn is vital to compete.

With an almost unlimited number of options for consumers, sellers who perform best do so by keeping it customer-centric and making sure consumers can find their products when and where they want. For brands marketing directly to consumers, it’s important that ecommerce solutions act to bring buyers and sellers closer together; making the buying process quick and easy, as well as reinforcing the ethos that the customer is the key to a successful online store from beginning to end.

Focusing on the Customer is a Strategy for Success

Happy shoppers are a must for any successful business. Considering the sheer number of apparel options available for buyers, a customer-focused shopping experience should be a top priority for companies dedicated to outperforming the competition now and in the future. Why does this make sense for businesses? Consider these numbers compiled by Helpscout:

  • Happy consumers are loyal consumers, and loyal consumers are worth up to 10 times the amount of their first purchase over time.
  • Having loyal shoppers saves a bundle on marketing — finding new customers costs as much as seven times more than retaining current ones.
  • Bad customer service causes potential buyers to look elsewhere for what they want from a buyer-seller relationship; three out of five Americans say they would try a new brand or a new seller for a better experience.
  • With numbers like these, it’s difficult to deny the value of a consumer-centric ecommerce experience for both sellers and buyers alike.

A Seamless Experience Makes the Difference for Customers

shopping-happy-customer-cutThis may seem apparent, but a quick stroll through the world of e-tail suggests that many online businesses just don’t get how important this really is. Competition increases every day, and companies that focus on delivering a quick, easy, and seamless shopping experience are what consumers want.

A recent study by Cloud IQ revealed just how important this is: 45% of consumers surveyed said it’s “critical” that the customer experience be seamless and easy, with another 47% saying that’s “important.” That’s a full 92% of shoppers who want a seamless purchasing experience, and a possible 9 out of 10 potential shoppers who’ll look elsewhere when businesses don’t offer this. It really does make a difference.

 A strong ecommerce solution can help companies thrive and remain successful in the online marketplaceDigital marketing agencies and end-to-end solutions can help in a wealth of ways:

Businesses operating in the ultra-competitive world of ecommerce need integrated solutions that give customers what they want to keep them coming back.

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Onestop Internet brings all these aformentioned services together, putting the tools that power great commerce into the hands of retailers. Economies of scale make the difference between struggling to keep up and confident, sustainable growth in ecommerce. With a vertically integrated partner on their side, organizations can focus on the products and services they know best while reaping all the rewards that come with advanced, international operations.

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