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Technology Gifts that Will Change Your Shopping in 2018

Posted by Contributors on October 5, 2017

Technology is always a favorite gift for the holidays. While caught up in the holiday shopping season, early tech adopters are also more than likely to pick up these items for themselves. This year the hot gifts for 2017 may affect how you shop in 2018.

Voice Assistants

According to Market Research Future "The global voice assistant market is expected to grow at approximately USD 7 Billion by 2023, at 34% of CAGR between 2017 and 2023." As wireless internet connections strengthen and become more widespread, people are becoming comfortable with smart home technology, making voice assistants a voice-activated "hub" of functionality for the home.

The Amazon Echo allows one to order groceries or pizza delivery with a simple request spoken out loud. For those with an Amazon Prime account, the Echo could insert itself as the next evolution in Amazon convenience. Instead of buying items from a laptop or smart phone, voice command purchases are more influenced by search engine results, narrowing choice for the sake of convenience.

Google Home, part of the Google Assistant, integrates with a family's Google Calendar, Chromecast, and many smart technologies. Potentially, while cooking dinner, one could turn on a movie, decrease the room temperature, and hear a reminder of a doctor's appointment the next day.  This month, Walmart went live with voice ordering using Google Home devices, another step in re-branding itself as a digitally savy challenger to Amazon. Whatever they do, it will certainly be governed by Google's ever-changing search results algorithms.

digital-assistant-users-shopping.jpgCell-Enabled Apple Watch

The latest upgrade to the Apple Watch allows cell-enabled models to access the internet without the phone having to be nearby. 

This advance, combined with wider adoption of digital wallets, makes impulse transactions that much easier whether they be in person or online.  

Video Streaming Players

Digital marketing is shifting too. Roku announced it is launching its own channel with exclusive user content. Roku has been a streaming option for years but has yet to have their own original content. Because that content will be advertising supported, marketers will be able to target very specific user profiles with their latest campaigns. This level of hyper-segmentation blends the efficiency of digital performance marketing with traditional media in a way that hasn't been seen before.

The trend toward personalized marketing through set-top boxes has been on the horizon for more than a decade.  Today, precision analytics allow marketers to track audience profiles, establish and target buyer personas, and generate personalized content and recommendations. Most importantly, the ability to purchase those products is now only a voice command away.

New Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

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