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Gifts to Appeal to Eco-Conscious Holiday Shoppers

Posted by Contributors on November 21, 2017

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” – Peg Bracken

Holiday shopping for friends and loved ones can be tough at the best of times, but when people are trying to be sustainable and eco-conscious, the entire process can seem all the more difficult.A study from eMarketer suggests that ecommerce sales are expected to grow by 17% this holiday season. What's more, according to the National Retail Federation, self-gifting is becoming more popular than ever.

It’s safe to say: this holiday season, there is everything to play for, and coupled with the fact that Americans are becoming more environmentally aware, offering sustainable, eco-friendly holiday gifts will provide you with a whole new revenue opportunity. It’s good for the planet, too.

To offer some inspiration, we’ve come up with a few eco-friendly holiday gift ideas.

Artisanal Gifts

Even in the digital age, consumers go wild for unique handmade gifts, especially at Christmas. By choosing a range of two to three different handmade gift ideas and creating them from eco-friendly materials, such as tempera paint and biodegradable card, you will be able to offer your eco-conscious holiday shoppers something that's both appealing and good for the environment.

Of course, the Christmas gift you create will depend on what your business trades in, but with a solid festive brainstorming session, there's little doubt you'll come up with something that people will want to buy.

giftwrap-cloth.jpgGo Paperless

50% of businesses-based waste consists of paper.

To cut down on your paper wastage this year and prevent having to wrap huge amounts of holiday gifts, try offering engaging, well-crafted eVouchers and eCards instead.

Eco-conscious shoppers generally don’t like to waste paper, so in this instance, a paperless gift will have mass appeal.

Creating and sending electronic gifts that are redeemable online is far more sustainable than a physical gift card or voucher – and if the purchaser cares about the environment, they are far more likely to opt for a paperless option.

Offer Experiences

Building on our previous point, by offering your eco-friendly consumers something experiential rather than tangible, you will save on wasted, environmentally detrimental materials.

In fact, today's millennial generation prefers to enjoy experiences and make memories rather than receiving traditional gifts.

Gift experiences like guided treks and wildlife excursions are not only unique and green; they are also completely paperless.

Even if your business doesn’t lend itself to offering this kind of experiences, by forming a partnership with an experienced provider for the holiday season or even offering behind-the-scenes tours of your business or meet and greets, you stand to boost brand awareness in an environmentally friendly way.

The holiday season is coming thick and fast. As more people are becoming eco-conscious about the gifts they give and receive, those who offer green gift ideas will thrive this Christmas. Make your gifts green now to enjoy a long and sustainable career in commerce.

Did you know mcommerce is expected to make big waves this festive period? Read our guide to mobile shopping predictions and trends for this holiday season.

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