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Snag Loyal Shoppers with Social Media Marketing

Posted by Terri Mitchell on December 20, 2016

The Holiday season has brought you a bounty of new customers.  Nurturing social media platforms and providing ease and convenience for first-time and prospective clients to find what you offer is essential to keeping them from becoming “one and done.”

Some distinct marketing strategies come into play and create a continuum of service that begins from the moment you post your company's page, profile or site on the web. Key tactics include garnering your following, increasing your company likes and getting browsers to visit your page and, subsequently, buy your brand. Try these strategies to snag loyal shoppers and win over fashion-forward customers through social media.

Extend Your Reach

Create a consistent and positive image for your brand on all social media platforms. Make sure you have delegated a point-person or team to configure and utilize all platforms regularly. Optimize your presence with current data, contact information, compelling content and a peek at the season's hottest fashions. Get familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites or applications that your prospective clients use routinely. Talk with your staff, team and colleagues about social media and "friend" a network of area businesses to create a cooperative venture that potentially leads consumers to your apparel line.

Provide Something Useful

Make sure you give visitors to your page worthwhile, quality content. Informative articles, user-friendly blogs and high-quality images of the season's fashions are things that will attract potential buyers to your page and keep them coming back for more. It is very feasible to purchase quality content for your social media pages to keep it fresh and exciting; this should be considered an investment with merit. Ask for content related to fashion trends, new lines, and fashion must-haves for the coming season. After all, you may only get one chance to lure potential clients to your page, so make sure you leave them with a lasting impression and to pique their interest in your apparel.

Keep it Current

Instagram is an excellent platform to showcase the season's hottest looks and to encourage shoppers to make an impromptu buying decision. Capture shots of celebs wearing garments that are related to, look-like, or resemble your own apparel in some way. The key with social media is to keep it current and update regularly; Instagram provides a quick check-in with shoppers and a way to communicate with a consumer audience that you may not have met yet. Give them a glimpse at what your brand has to offer, how it may be worn or where it has been seen worn recently.

Reward Referrals

The underlying point of incorporating social media into your marketing plan is to generate exposure and brand familiarity. Make your social media pages the hub of referral promotions, which reward your patrons, friends and customers for spreading the word of what you offer. Give tangible savings for referral sales and services, and track activity using your social media platforms. Patrons feel rewarded and appreciated, and you foster loyal relationships with potentially life-long wearers of your fashion brand.

The rise of technology has made it easier than ever to pinpoint and maintain a loyal customer audience. With social media, you can track likely clients, and they can find your products without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Consider these suggestions when working out your social media marketing plan, as well as during brainstorming for ways to tease out potential patrons and lead them to your fashion brand.

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