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Segment Customers to Elevate Your Ecommerce Strategy

Posted by Char Baker on April 27, 2017

One of the best practices to creating personalized email content for your customers is through email segmentation.

You see, divvying your list into categories allows you to customize messages so the recipient feels as if you’re speaking directly to them. You’ll yield favorable engagement results like increased open rates, clickthroughs and shares that ultimately improve your results.

In fact, personalization betters your click-through rate by a whopping 161%, making your ecommerce marketing highly effective. The more attention you put on segmenting your subscribers and creating content that resonates with their interest, the more likely they will continue to respond and become loyal fans of your brand.

The good news is, email segmentation is simple! Whether you are an entrepreneur, retailer or fashion brand, here are seven simple categories to consider in implementing this best practice in your digital marketing.email envelopes.jpeg


Segmenting your list using geography is powerful for targeting local or regional customers in the area. Depending on your marketing campaigns, you can base the list on city or zip codes, state, region, or neighborhoods. This works extremely well for brick-and-mortar locations where you can shoot out a quick promo email to drive people into your store and generate immediate sales…especially since most people check their email on their mobile devices.

You can also use this group to promote any upcoming live events that your brand may be hosting or supporting in the area. It’s a great way to connect with your favorite customers will adding more experiences with your brand.


This comes in handy when executing campaigns that celebrate occasions like Women’s Month, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or Breast Cancer Awareness. Although everyone can relate to each of these in some way, your content will hit home when it clearly speaks to the gender it’s intended for, making your content meaningful and impacting.


How you speak to one generation might be completely different than how you converse with another. This same communication style should be conveyed in your email content. 

Purchase Decisions

What are some products or additional services that would complement your customer’s recent purchase? Segmenting your customers centered on popular products provides the perfect opportunity to strategically upsell for increased revenue. Share why these products align well with their recent order and how it will help them achieve their goal or solve a specific problem.

Purchasing Habits

Speaking of loyal customers, have a category for them too! Give incentives to your repeat and long-time customers who have been supporting your business for years. Segment them into your “preferred customers” group where they receive exclusive rewards for being faithful to your brand. 

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Show your customers some love on their birthdays by offering a free gift or a special discount. Not only does it boost sales but also enriches your customers’ experiences with your brand. They will remember how you added to their day to make it exceptional, significantly improving engagement with your content and relationships with your list.  


Email segmentation is now a table stakes digital marketing strategy for ecommerce businesses. Use it to your advantage! Add these categories to your email marketing and begin segmenting your list to create personalized content that fulfills their needs. Be sure to test your efforts. Keep what’s generating engagement and make adjustments to what’s not. In due time, you will better your digital marketing and improve sales in the process.

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