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Optimizing Your Online Presence for Your Mobile Audience

Posted by William R. on March 13, 2018

When your daily routine has you on the run and you're searching for products and services, do you trek back to your computer -- or do you whip out your handy mobile device and pull that information out of cyberspace immediately? If you're like nearly two-thirds of today's American consumers, you do the latter. Our society has turned to mobile online search to solve its problems, and that means you need to make sure your organization's online presence is optimized accordingly. Here are some practices you may need to adopt to bend your SEO toward a mobile audience.

Web Design Modifications

The average full-featured static website will shrink down into an unusable jumble of fine print on a small smartphone or even a decent-sized tablet. These sites will fail Google's "Mobile Friendly Test" -- and you don't want to fail any of this search engine giant's criteria, especially those that give mobile websites a ranking boost. To make sure your site will present a clean, readable, easy-to-navigate experience to mobile users, you'll probably want to pursue one of two options:

  • A mobile website (with vertical navigation and stripped-down features) that runs in parallel to your full-scale website
  • A dynamic website that can switch its layout to different sizes and aspect ratios, depending on what kind of device is accessing it


Optimizing for Local Search

When your mobile audience is looking for products and services anywhere near your brick-and-mortar location, you'd better show up in their geo-local search results while you've still got those prospective buyers where you want them. This makes it more critical than ever to refine your local SEO tactics.

You can achieve this goal by plastering your physical address and other local contact data on area directories and aggregator sites. At the same time, sign your local business up with Google My Business to help your company show up bright and clear on your mobile user's mobile Google searches.

Voice Search Considerations

Shopping on a smartphone can take the "hands-free" concept to a whole new level. Have you thought about optimizing your business's online presence for voice search? You may need to rewrite your page content so that it more accurately reflects the way people talk, using more conversational long-tail keyword phrases instead of more concise terminology.

Your site coding may also need a facelift. Snippets of Schema markup can help search engines connect you with local voice queries. A clear, logical XML sitemap will also aid in the process of hooking you up with voice-based searches.

There is no doubt that AI and the Internet of things (IoT) devices will play a major role in ordering things like food, groceries, and other products from home. Amazon’s AI, for instance, can determine our interests based on our online behavior. If it’s integrated with IoT, it would be able to connect with other IoT devices. It might even be tempting to speculate that one day it will be able to predict what you want to buy even before you know it. 

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