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New Era SEO: Get Found by the Vocal Shopper

Posted by Kathryn Zwack on March 16, 2017
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Marketing online fashions has a unique set of challenges. When shoppers cannot physically touch fabrics, interact with knowledgeable salespeople or try on garments, product storytelling needs ensure customers will purchase and receive a product that meets their needs. Failing to accomplish this means product returns, unhappy customers and poor brand loyalty.

When shoppers search on mobile devices and laptops, keywords, product descriptions and appealing imagery are what catch the eye and convince the shopper to click.

Jim Kirk.jpgWhat If the Sales Channel Is Voice?

With the advent and rapid adoption of voice-activated “smart speakers,” fashion retailers have a whole new set of challenges. How do you get your product messages across when there is no complementary imagery? How do you ensure findability when the shopper is merely musing about a new dress or shoe that she saw at a party last night?

SEO for Voice Shopping

A number of techniques can help you improve your findability on Amazon Echo or Google Home. Since some of these methods may contradict other methods you typically use, you will have to balance your need to optimize for search engines and your need to optimize for this new channel and the shoppers who use it. Your two main objectives are to convince Google to rank your page highly and to be found by your voice shoppers in part by predicting user intent.


Resist the temptation to write product titles and assign product attributes that conjure up an appealing visualization of your product in the mind of your voice shopper. What you need to do instead is select keywords that prospective customers might actually vocalize to Alexa, Cortana or Siri. They will likely not ask for a “Radiance Eyelash Fringe Wrap in Navy,” but instead for a “women’s blue scarf.” Therefore, you need to build your keyword list and product page meta-data around these commonly used key words.

Product Descriptions

Because you cannot rely on imagery to sell your product, you need to tell the one thousand words that images typically do! Investing time and creativity in developing compelling product descriptions will pay off in spades. Utilize the commonly used key words that you have identified. In addition, be sure to modify any description that is provided by the brand manufacturer; Google can penalize sites that use duplicate product content and harm your search engine rankings.


Fashion retailers and shoppers rely heavily on imagery. Since the voice shopper cannot see the image, using descriptive alt-tags can help. You already have the imagery on your site, so be sure that each alt-tag is optimized for keyword search. Use those commonly used words as much as possible. In the meantime, your visually impaired shoppers will thank you!


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