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Mother's Day: The Business of Mom Jeans

Posted by Keely Brown on May 8, 2018

According to the National Retail Federation's annual survey, spending for Mother's Day 2018 is slated to reach $23.1 billion--with 36 percent of shoppers planning to spend an average of $2.1 billion on clothing. While specific items of clothing aren't designated in the survey, it's a safe bet that a huge chunk of that 36 percent will be purchasing a perennial favorite with women everywhere -- a pair of mom jeans.

While the phrase "mom jeans" might connote a pair of worn, oversized pants that no one would want to wear in public, in reality mom jeans are something of a style phenomenon, comparable to bellbottoms or Capris. Today, mom jeans are big business, with sales increasing steadily since they first became popular in July 2014. In fact, according to clothing analytics company Edited, between 2015-2016 Internet searches for mom jeans leaped by 250 percent.

Here's a look at why mom jeans are popular, and why they're ideal for Mother's Day retail marketing campaigns.

Mom Jeans -- Why Women Love Them

The phrase "mom jeans" hit the vernacular in 2003 when Saturday Night Live comics Tina Fey and Amy Poehler starred in a mock commercial touting ugly, unfashionable "mom jeans" as the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Amazingly, audiences and retailers remembered the concept, and a few years later a phenomenon was born.

However, the resulting product was anything but sloppy and baggy. With even Billboard magazine now touting them as "cool", mom jeans have come a long way. Today's mom jeans are simply traditional jeans cut to conform to realistic body shapes, with comfort in mind. They're essentially the opposite of those high-fashion jeans touted for decades -- the ones promoted by pencil-thin models and tailored so tight that women had to crash diet to fit in them, and still couldn't breathe once they were zipped up.

Mom jeans are the modern reaction to this -- the uncorseted version of jeans. You could call them the female version of men's traditional cowboy jeans, because they're made for active women. Their more-generous cut and higher waist allows for ease in walking, running, bending and moving about in daily activities. Likewise, they're made of stretchier, softer, more-breathable denim as opposed to denim so stiff that the crease can give you a paper cut.


Comfort doesn't mean plus-size; rather, mom jeans are available for all shapes and sizes. Likewise, comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed to fashion. For example, NYDJ, one of the nation's leading jean retailers, showcases an attractive array of mom jeans in a dazzling variety of styles, including slim-cut, slim-ankle and Capri. Likewise, just like regular jeans, mom jeans can be embroidered, studded, stone-washed, acid-washed, frayed or high-rise ripped.

Mom Jeans -- A Sustainable Fit

With today's focus on sustainability, companies such as Re/Done and AG Jeans are complying by offering mom jeans made of recycled denim and cotton fiber. Likewise, companies such as G-Star are making jeans of non-toxic dyes and chemicals so that toxic waste is eliminated.

mom-jeans-mothers-day-cutThe website Ecocult features an overview of ecologically sustainable clothing practices and how they're currently being implemented by clothing and denim jean manufacturers.

Marketing Mom Jeans

Typically, mom jeans are marketed to women over 25 rather than teens -- but Lee Jeans is trying to attract Millennials aged 18-25 with their "Move with Lee" campaign, which shows how refreshing it is to be able to do anything you want in a comfortable, flexible pair of jeans.

For marketers looking for digital marketing ideas for Mother's Day, there's no better tactic than to follow Lee's strategy by showing women doing all kinds of everyday things in their trendy, stylish mom jeans. When it's all said and done, mom jeans are like a great suite of ecommerce platforms -- they're flexible, indispensable, and can adapt to anything. Likewise, for retail marketers on Mother's Day, mom jeans are also like ecommerce solutions, because they can give a huge boost to your revenue.

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