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Mother’s Day 2018: 6 Popular Gift Ideas and Tips to Market Them Online

Posted by Keely Brown on May 10, 2018

According to an annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), retail and ecommerce sales for Mother's Day 2018 will be the second-largest on record, with consumers spending $23.1 billion (compared to $23.6 billion in 2017). This year, U.S. shoppers are slated to spend around $180 per person.


Demographically speaking, people ages 35-44 will spend the most -- an average of $224 per person; but 62 percent of younger consumers -- ages 18-24 -- will be using smartphones to make their purchases. Overall, 31 percent of consumers will be shopping online (compared to 30 percent last year), making ecommerce more of a player than ever before.

With this in mind, here are six types of gifts that, according to the NRF, will be most popular with consumers this year -- with tips on how you can market them for your ecommerce customers.

1. Flowers


Flowers are the single most popular gift this year, with 69 percent of consumers planning to spend $2.6 billion on bouquets for Mom. If you have an ecommerce florist, marketing is easy; but if you don't, you can still leverage a bit of flower power in your digital marketing. If your inventory contains any floral-themed gifts, such as clothing and accessories, perfumes, soaps or gardening items, pull some of these items together for a luxurious, floral-themed Mother's Day web page. You can even market the idea that these items are just as sweet-smelling as a bunch of roses, but will last considerably longer.

2. Dinner/Brunch

A total of 55 percent of consumers say they're planning to take Mom out to dinner or brunch, making it this year's second-most-popular gift. While restaurants can offer special Mother's Day menus and coupons, ecommerce sites can join in the foodie fun by offering a special selection of gourmet goodies, such as cookies and candies, nuts, snacks and specialty soup or pasta mixes.

3. Jewelry

Consumers plan on spending $4.6 billion on jewelry this Mother's Day. If your website sells real or costume jewelry, this is the time to market items that are especially feminine and personal for Mother's Day -- accessories with pearls, hearts and birthstone gems are especially popular. Of course, if you've got any "I Love Mom" necklaces, now's the time to promote those on your landing page.


4. Clothing

Gift-buyers plan on spending $2.1 billion on clothing this year, so you'll want to promote plenty of mom-favorites such as casual tops and pants, as well as cozy nightwear (remember, pajamas, robes and slippers are popular all year, not just at Christmas).

5. Electronics

Shoppers plan to spend $2.1 billion on consumer electronics for Mother's Day this year. If these items are in your ecommerce store, this is the time to market them -- and be sure to put a Mother's Day spin on your sales page. After all, what mom wouldn't love a new camera or camcorder for recording family events, or a laptop or tablet for keeping in touch with the kids once they've moved away? Likewise, what about an e-reader to entertain mom while she's waiting in the car to pick up the kids?

If your retail site sells computers and software, here's a hint: While Mother's Day isn't typically associated with ecommerce platforms, it's important to remember the large number of moms who are running their own businesses from home. Consider running a special Mother's Day discount on software programs with ecommerce solutions for small businesses.

According to the NRF, consumers spend more on Mother's Day than on holidays such as Valentine's Day because, with Mother's Day, they're often shopping for more than one person -- a mother plus a wife, sister or daughter. For retailers and ecommerce merchants, this means that Mother's Day gifts don't need to conform to a certain age range or demographic. Be sure to keep this in mind when you're creating your Mother's Day marketing strategies, and try to promote items that will appeal to a wide variety of ages, as well as lifestyles.

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