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Keep Your Holiday Customers Coming Back

Posted by Nikki Martinez on December 12, 2016
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Holiday shoppers are notorious for being disloyal. They shop for bargains and are always on the hunt for a good deal. It's likely that they don't come back until next holiday - if at all. With this dilemma, how can brands and businesses win holiday shoppers over in such a way as to secure their loyalty? The truth is, even in today's technology-driven world, at the core of customer's needs is the oldest one on the books: Personalized service. Personalized service that tells them they - not you or your product - are one of a kind.

On Building Trust

The one thing you need to do to keep them coming back is to build trust. Marketers who understand effective marketing know that building trust is essential to any business. It's not about how many shareable ads or SEO tricks you have up your sleeve.  It's about developing human relationships. How can you accomplish this without loyalty programs? Here are a few ways to start to get your own creative juices flowing:

1. Embrace Customer Feedback

Even when you get a negative review or customer complaint, leverage it. Make it work for you.  Nobody knows this truth better than Bill Gates, who once said, "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

It's human nature to ignore these type of complaints or negative feedback from disgruntled and even unruly customers. However, if you see criticism as a learning process, find out how you can improve, and use it as an opportunity to reach out on a personal level, you can turn the tables in your own favor. Once you attempt to professionally yet personally resolve conflict, you may even end up turning those complainers into your most loyal customers. To do this, engage them by thinking outside of the corporate box.

Stay on top of feedback. Welcome it in all forms. Send personal notes in reply; show genuine interest in their problem. Ask how you can serve them better, and then set out to meet their needs. When customers see that you are willing to act on their requests, they'll love you for it and end up telling others about your great customer service. They'll also come back to buy more.

2. Strive for Human Connections

To stand out on someone's radar in an extremely noisy world, you must communicate your messages as one human being to another. This will make you and your product unique. Handwritten notes or phone calls let people know that you took time out of your busy schedule to communicate with them. There's almost no better feeling in the world. Whether in a startup or long-standing corporation, leaders who show concern for their staff and clients are those who have an edge over the competition.

3. Develop and Enhance Strong Value Propositions

If you have already identified your audience, you are able to create a persona based on their needs and even from their complaints. This is something that Facebook Pages highlights and uses as one marketing tool to study the behavior of your ideal client. You will be able to predict what they're going to need in the future, their shopping behavior and reasons for it. This is why it is so essential to invest time in studying the behavior of your audience so that you aren't just running after trends or joining the bandwagon of how everyone else is selling their stuff. You will be at the forefront of your customer's needs, able to meet them when they get to that crucial point, way past the holiday season.

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