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How to Engage a Technophobe in the Holiday Shopping Season

Posted by Rachael Rowe on November 9, 2016
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The holiday shopping season is often the biggest opportunity for e-commerce and online retailers to boost profits. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas on the horizon, plenty of people will browse and shop for a bargain online.

Some customers don't use computers regularly for shopping, and many others will either be first-time Internet shoppers or reluctant to use that technology. Here's how to engage technophobes in the holiday shopping season and convert them into regular customers.

Be Proactive

Millions of people over 65 have never been online or even used a computer. Providing support for them to use the Internet can help with shopping, banking and keeping in touch with loved ones.

Successful schemes where millennials have been paired with a technophobe older person show that a little support goes a long way. Online shopping sessions in the mall can also demonstrate how easy it is to purchase online; alternatively, you can provide a live chat scheme on your website to guide people through the process of buying online.

Older customers in particular like to get advice before buying something. Make sure you provide a facility to ask questions or receive information sheets, which can help with their decision to buy. Software such as virtual fitting rooms can help customers get the clothing size right when buying online. It also encourages people to use the Internet for shopping.

Provide Incentives

Giving discounts to first-time online shoppers is a great way to hook them in. By collecting their email you can then follow up with a further offer to tempt them back a few weeks later.

Since shipping costs are known to put people off online shopping, a free collection service from main street retail shops or discounted shipping just might do the trick. People are also discouraged when they can't feel or see a product before purchasing; make sure you have a clear returns policy that is user friendly.

Knowing exactly what to buy can be an issue for some technophobes. Solve this problem with customer wish lists: A buyer can readily tap into online lists, which leads to the correct gift for their friend or relative. Gift sections with choices for males, females and others is a good way to show off products the first-time shopper may not have considered.

Keep It Safe and Simple

Some people don't want to shop online because they are scared of scams. Keep your website secure and ensure your database stays private, which gives people assurance that their credit card details won't end up in the hands of criminals.

Reduce the number of clicks to get to a product, provide a seamless checkout process, and include security notification at the checkout stage. Finally, make sure the delivery process is clear so that customers don't need to wait endlessly for a parcel or worry it may be left in an insecure place. Use SMS to let them know approximate timing, and provide a date so it is convenient for them.

By making a few changes to the online shopping experience, you can open up opportunities to attract people who don't shop on the Internet regularly. This change can have a positive impact on your profit margins and attract repeat customers when the technophobe discovers the convenience and ease of Internet shopping.

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