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Get Ahead of Optimization for These Three SEO Trends

Posted by Jasmine Wilkes Gordon on June 4, 2017
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Your potential customers are using search engines differently than they did five years ago. Today's consumers spend 45 percent of their retail budget online. They're far more likely to use mobile, voice search and local search, with 43 percent shopping online from their bed.

For today's online retailers, driving results with search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing requires attention to changing consumer behavior. Read on to learn three emerging SEO trends in 2017 and what they mean for your organization's online strategy. 

1. Mobile and "Near Me" Searches

Mobile search has officially overtaken desktop search as the predominant method of finding information, and organizations who fail to field a fast-loading, mobile-optimized website could have five times higher abandonment rates. 

Mobile's rapid growth includes "near me" search, as users ask for information on retailers and restaurants "near me" on the go. Whether or not your organization has a brick-and-mortar location, optimizing for the explosion of mobile and on-the-fly searches with user reviews and detailed product info is crucial. 

2. Voice Search

2017 has been declared the "year of voice search," with over 20 percent of web queries starting with someone saying "Okay, Google." This trend carries some new SEO best practices. Voice searches are often longer and more conversational than typed search. Consumers may search with complete sentences instead of a few keywords.


According to a presentation at Google I/O in May, 20 percent of mobile queries are now made via voice.

Optimizing for voice search is providing organizations with the opportunity to optimize around longer, naturally-phrased search terms. Rich product descriptions and user-generated reviews are just two of many ways to get noticed in the age of voice search. 

3. Google Lens

In May 2017, Google announced a groundbreaking new product, "Lens" at their annual I/O keynote. Combining cutting-edge visual computing technology, Lens translates visuals into search results, such as pulling up a restaurant's menu and hours based on a smartphone picture of the exterior. 

Google Lens has the potential to make search even more intuitive than voice search. It could drastically impact the way people shop and make purchases, with smartphone pictures taken in-store used to compare pricing and products to e-commerce offerings. While the specific details of this massive search development are still unfolding, businesses are wise to refine their online presence in anticipation. 

Unlocking Digital Success in 2017

While some customers start their search for online commerce using a desktop computer and words typed into a search engine, online retailers should be aware of the growing predominance of mobile, local and voice search; as well as the possibilities that will soon be unlocked with Google Lens.

With a comprehensive digital strategy and the right technologies, your organization can capture the attention and business of today's mobile-driven, tech-savvy online shoppers. 

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