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Digital Offers to Jolt Your Ecommerce

Posted by Contributors on October 8, 2017

Retailers increasingly rely on various forms of digital offers to customers, in order to encourage repeat visits and trial. If you're looking for proven ways to increase ecommerce conversion and revenue, the next step is choosing promotional offers that are simultaneously on brand, resonate with customers, and please the CFO.

Here are some simple approaches to digital promotion for ecommerce businesses that accomplish all of the above.

Abandon Cart Offers

This proven email marketing tactic is helpful for existing customers, who already have email or other contact information on file. The standard version is to send a succinct email after an hour or more of a customer's cart idling with items in it.

This is a nice awareness boost for indecisive buyers. It can be leveraged even more, as an opportunity to send a targeted discount. Using customer data, you can target your best customers with a discount that encourages them to break past their indecisiveness and buy from you this time.  You can also suppress offers to customers who try to game the system.

Email Subscription Offers

Email subscriptions are a classic marketing tactic for online retailers. Providing a one-time discount for new subscribers is now the norm for premium and luxury ecommerce brands alike. You encourage customers to sign up, and get direct contact that reminds them of your brand on a regular basis.  

The result, with proper segmentation, disciplined and relevant communications that follow, should be a brands most efficient channel for driving customer engagement and predictable revenue growth.retail-promotion-motivation-by-age.jpg

Social Media Collaboration

Working with an experienced social media manager gives a human touch to existing and prospective customers. Social media users need a reason to follow content, whether it's entertaining or simply informative. They tend to balk at feeds that read like boilerplate ad copy, especially on platforms like Twitter or Snapchat. A good social media strategy is built around great content that provides an incentive for customers to advocate on a brand's behalf.

A less direct and increasingly successful method is working with social media influencers, collaborating with major accounts and encouraging them to discuss and show off your products. Fashion and luxury goods in particular are well-served by collaborations with major Twitter and Instagram personalities. 

Different demographics gravitate to different platforms, so marketers should make sure that influencers and their following is aligned with their target customer to see success.

retail-promotion-strategy-2016.jpgA Diverse Marketing Strategy

Develop offers based on a well-timed call to action that considers the buyer's intent, rather than simply rotating the same discounts repeatedly. Digital marketing that takes customer needs into account places a high value on engagement to better understand those needs. Having a broad, holistic performance marketing strategy maximizes the touch points that inform sound promotions.

New Strategies for Acquiring New Customers

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