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Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Set You Apart from the Competition

Posted by Patrick H. on March 25, 2018

The universal thirst for small businesses is the need for leads. This need will never be quenched, especially if you rely on using the same methods as everyone else. To generate the highest-quality leads, think outside the box. Try a few of these ideas.

Build quizzes

Creating short, fun quizzes for visitors to your website will establish you as a leader in your industry. When prospects see you as knowledgeable, they are more likely to employ your services or purchase your product.

Build how-to videos

If Nike released a video on how to run properly, you would trust the knowledge in that video more than an identical video with a smaller brand. This is because Nike has a foothold as a thought leader in the industry. Building how-to videos will help you establish yourself as a leader and provide value to viewers.



Collect and share secrets from the leaders in the industry

You don't have to share actual secrets, but using social media to share quotes and wisdom from those that know the industry inside and out is an easy way to add value instead of noise.

Publish deep-dive answers to major questions

Every industry has questions those in the industry disagree on. Some questions do not have a "right" answer--just an answer that works. Write an in-depth blog post where you explore the potential answers and back up your findings with statistics and facts. These types of posts get a lot of eyes on them and a high number of shares on social media.


Compile a list of tools

Blogs are a huge source of leads, but few people utilize them as efficiently as they should. Compile a list of useful tools and make it a featured post. This guarantees evergreen traffic and will bring potential leads to your website for a long time to come.

Host a giveaway

Giveaways are great ways to generate leads. Who doesn't like free stuff? But in the midst of the giveaway, you can obtain a lot of email addresses and newsletter signups. And when you ship the prizes to those that win the giveaway, you can include personalized information that will make them even more interested in your business.


Offer a free trial

Free trials do not work for every business but provide a way for customers to sample your services. Freelancers can offer no-cost consultations and product-based business can provide money back guarantees.

The common element to generate leads is to provide value. All seven of these tips provide value to the customer in some way. It's up to you to capitalize on that value.

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