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Closing the Conversion Gap: An Improving Mobile Shopping Experience

Posted by Julian DiMico on August 29, 2017

The evolution of the smartphone has lead to an explosion of mobile shopping. Online shopping found its roots in clicks, mouseovers and hovers, but today more shopping is done from the palm of the hand than sitting at a desk. There are many reasons for this shift including computer processor power, expanding network bandwidth and wifi access. However, the most impactful factor has been innovation in the mobile shopping experience.

One or Two Tap Shopping

It has never been easier to make a purchase from a mobile phone. One tap shopping allows a user to immediately purchase a product they want. They do not have to go through a series of inputs of their name, address, credit card number, phone number and other confirmation pages. Instead, they have their information already saved into the site or through a mobile payment partner like Amazon, Apple or Paypal. The payment and shipping information is already uploaded so the consumer only needs to tap on the product and confirm their identity. The product is shipped and arrives on their doorstep, sometimes within a matter of hours.Retail Mcommerce Sales.png

Product Search

Smart phones were a game changer for shoppers wanting to compare prices in stores or "showroom."  A snap of the barcode provided detailed product information and prices available across the internet. Actually buying that product was more challenging. Today, mobile applications and mobile first design make the entire purchase process seamless, including complimentary recommendations and conversion enhancing promotions. In the next year, voice-enabled search will become widely adopted, completely eliminating keystrokes at all. Most importantly, "endless aisle" inventory data gives consumers transparency to product availability online or at a store across town. This eliminates a lot of lost opportunities caused by ineficient inventory allocation.

Online Data Storage

The revolution in online cloud storage has also helped spur the growth of mobile shopping. Cloud storage is inexpensive, fast and secure, making it ideal for mcommerce. Shoppers can store an incredible amount of information, profile data and pictures on an online platform, making it almost app-like. While social commerce was slow to catch on, the advancements in this area seem to have taken social media as shopping destinations to a tipping point.

For example, the social network Pinterest includes the likes, habits and preferences of users for different products. It has a product page where users highlight what they are following and what styles they like. The company stores a tremendous amount of data including photos, videos and other content for free. 

Full Service Ecommerce Solutions - One Click Away

Onestop is a leader in the advancement of mcommerce innovations that close the gap between desktop and mobile conversion rates. With more than half of ecommerce traffic routinely coming from smart phones, mcommerce is the key to promoting continued growth for online businesses.

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