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Amplify Sales With Your Ecommerce Blog

Posted by Char Baker on July 27, 2017

Your ecommerce blog is a huge asset to your digital marketing strategy. By maintaining a steady content marketing presence, you will increase visibility to your brand in search, further position your brand as a leading authority in retail, and create more opportunities for sales.

Statistics show that business blogs have an incredible impact on driving traffic to your website and growing your email list. It gives your audience another channel to connect and stay plugged in. From reporting industry related news to sharing expert advice in between visits, your ecommerce blog is an excellent way to deliver amazing content from your business.

Fuel your ecommerce marketing by amplifying your blogging strategy. The following outlines ways to attract new followers to your brand while boosting online revenue. 

Share Across Your Social Networks

Publishing quality-rich content on your social media channels adds value to your follower’s newsfeeds. Many retail brands use their platforms to simply promote their products and offer special discounts. Yet, sharing content that engages, educates, informs and solves problems is at the heart of inbound marketing. You’ll attract more followers to your content when it’s deemed useful and relevant to your audience.

Sharing your blog articles is perfect content for social media. The key here is ensuring that you tailor the message to the network. Writing for social media means being cognizant of the social site's norms and culture so it fits the audience.

Whereas Facebook is a more family and friends environment, LinkedIn caters to business professionals. Customize your message accordingly to be effective in reaching various markets. blog-writing-laptop.jpg

Syndicate Your Blog Post

Have you ever read a popular blog post only to later notice it everywhere? That’s because of content syndication. You see, when a blog article performs well on one site (creating lots of traffic and backlinks in the process), it can be pitched on other platforms to drive similar results.

Syndication can skyrocket your visibility and brand awareness. It brings new eyeballs to your content from the search engines and fosters social shares for added exposure. You’re simply working smarter in your blogging strategy.

The beauty of content syndication is that you don’t have to wait for other outlets to accept your work. Here are several sites where you can easily publish your rich blog articles for all to see:

  • Medium – Create an account and easily copy and paste each blog post

  • Outbrain – Reach new audiences and promote your content on top sites

  • Zemanta – Add your titles and URLs and your posts are syndicated across a network that includes hundreds of thousands of publishers

Syndicated content travels fast. Use it to your advantage!

Nurture Email Subscribers

Leads that are cultivated convert into sales. As you build an ongoing relationship with your subscribers with content, you will foster trust and continue to keep your brand top of mind. You’ll generate sales and repeat business by investing time into your list.

Your ecommerce blog is the answer. Strategically sharing articles that offer expertise and solutions keeps prospects “in the know,” and promotes brand loyalty.

Segmenting your customers is also critical to nurturing your list. They will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them because you’re sharing content that piques their unique interest. By studying your list behaviors and fully utilizing your email service provider's CRM tools, you’ll collect data that helps you pinpoint what subscribers interact with the most, so you can give them more of what they want.

Repurpose into Different Formats

Repurposing content is working smarter with your content strategy. You’re taking one piece of content (typically your blog post) and converting it into different formats to market and promote on different platforms.

This technique tremendously extends your reach and influence online because you’re appearing to be everywhere. It also allows you to relate to various learning styles and preferences. Where some people may enjoy reading your blog post, others may like it better conveyed on video.

There are a plethora of ways you can repurpose your blog content in your digital strategy. Here are a few ways how:

  • Take the major highlights and key points of your post and use them as tweets, mentioning the link to direct followers to the original blog post

  • Use the subheadings as titles for videos. Be sure to mention your keyword in the title and description

  • Go live on Instagram Stories, Periscope or Facebook Live to expand on your article. Give viewers a chance to ask you questions in real-time to receive prompt responses

  • Convert your content into an infographic and share on social media

  • Record your blog on audio and upload to your podcast channel

The options are endless to repurposing your content. Check your analytics to discover which blog posts are generating the most engagement and use those to start with your repurposing strategy. 

Simply put, your ecommerce blog can be a valuable tool for getting in front of a new audience and driving sales. Add these ingredients to your digital marketing to enhance your acquisition efforts while building additional loyalty with current customers.

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