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Add Some Polish to Your Content Marketing

Posted by Char Baker on July 20, 2017

Marketers and brands are compelled to publish content at a fast pace to remain current with today’s digital consumer.  This makes it necessary to get as much value as they can from each piece of media they produce.

With 74% of B2C brands having a content marketing strategy and the average B2B marketer allocating 28% of their marketing budget to content marketing, attempting to stay competitive can prove to be a challenging feat. In what ways can you separate your brand from the sea of content being shared daily? How do you ensure that your posts reach its intended audience?

You invest a lot into your content so generating results from your efforts is vital. There are tactics you can employ that will give you the slight edge.

#1 Repurpose Old Content

Content marketing doesn’t always have to focus on sharing new content. Sometimes you simply need to assess what you have and make revisions to craft a better piece.

For example, is there a blog post that’s not driving enough or any traffic? Maybe it’s a topic that you know is relevant and valuable to your audience yet its failing to generate engagement, backlinks, or any new visitors from search.

content marketing.jpgBy revamping and relaunching your content, you can help it stand out, get noticed and drive results. The key is adding the right ingredients it needs to perform well in search and on social media.

Review your Google Analytics and find your lowest-performing content. Use these steps to enhance your post for relaunch:

  • Update your images and optimize them for SEO so they can appear in the “Image” search results of Google.

  • Restructure the copy so the formatting is easy for mobile viewing.

  • Improve website experience with interactive content. Adding a video, infographic, audio, slide show, or survey boosts engagement and keeps people on your site longer, improving SEO.

  • Update your research.  Case studies and other data are updated all the time.  Revise with more recent research to give your content a credibility boost.

  • Long-form content does well in search. Increase your word count by adding adding additional insights, especially if they refer to new internal content.

After these steps, promote your content again to find a brand new expanded audience. 

#2 Audit Your Content

Measuring success is a key piece of any digital marketing strategy. It’s important to know which content is producing results so you can focus limited resources on generating more of what works.  As a result, you’re better positioned to share content that “clicks” with your market.

You can easily perform a content audit of your posts and articles by asking the following simple questions:

  • What keywords are people using to find our content in search? On social media?

  • How many page views are we receiving on our website?

  • Which content type is read/engaged with the most (i.e. blog articles, visuals, case studies, videos etc.)?

  • Which content type produces the most shares, like and comments?

  • How many leads do we generate each type of post?

  • How long are readers staying on our page? Are they visiting other pages? What content has the lowest bounce rate?

Performing a content audit helps your team focused on the work that achieves the most favorable results from every piece you publish.

#3 Write and Share Case Studies

Case studies are powerful content marketing tools for establishing social proof that customers are benefitting from your product. They’re highly effective at helping your prospects through the customer journey, converting leads into buyers. Case studies give consumers the confidence and trust to do business with you.

A huge benefit to writing case studies is they can be reused and repurposed into other content formats to extend your reach online. A "hub and spoke" approach can use the same research to be altered and shared through video, on your podcast channel, as one persuasive blog post, LinkedIn article, as a visual (or infographic), and Facebook post. The more people see your customer’s success and happy experiences with your brand, the more you’ll destroy any apprehension prospects may have of buying your product.

Finally, case studies make for great storytelling. By spotlighting unique customer stories, no two will ever be the same. Stories build emotional connections between your brand and followers, humanizing your brand and making you relatable.

Your content marketing enhances your overall brand experience. Ensuring that it produces results and resonates with your followers is essential for an effective digital marketing strategy.

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