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A Promotion Pyramid: How and When to Take Content to a Wider Audience

Posted by Elizabeth Trach on February 7, 2017

Content marketing is crucial to promote your brand and let influencers show off your best looks, but successful fashion marketers don't just throw blog posts out to the public and hope they stick. There are actually four different tiers of your audience to target with promotions. Hit these groups in order and evaluate your content along the way to streamline your content marketing plan.

Tier One: Your Loyalty Loop

These are your existing contacts - the ones who already love you! Your loyal fans are your current shoppers and rewards program members, plus any influencers you have a good relationship with. To reach them, use your email list to alert them to your content, whether it's a fun new video or a blog post about #fashionweek. This is also a great way to show off your expertise on coming trends in apparel.

Tier Two: Social Media

images of user generated contentIf your most loyal followers are loving your new content, you know it's ready to broadcast that content to your social media followers - don't forget to get your influencers on board to spread your reach. If it didn't get a good response, revamp it before going any further - pushing out anything less than stellar doesn't help your brand. This is a real test of your content: Will relative strangers bite? Make it your best.

Tier Three: Paid Distribution

Before you pull the trigger on paid marketing channels - banner ads, video spots, sponsored influencer posts and the like - check your social media stats. Likes, shares, comments? They mean you have good stuff. With any luck, your newest content has already gained some organic traction and has earned Google brownie points in the search rankings, which means now is the time to invest in reaching a broader audience.

Tier Four: Public Relations and News

This is the gold standard, but it's the final tier for a reason: You have to earn good PR. After all, your spring line isn't news unless it's already proven to be newsworthy - which is why you worked so hard creating buzz in your first three tiers of your audience. Once you've got momentum on your side, reach out to new outlets and platforms that dovetail with your target audience and pitch your story. You're much more likely to get results having done the legwork; the news builds trust and gets you the widest possible exposure.

If your content fizzles during any one of these stages, stop trying to make fetch happen. Your efforts will be better spent getting back to the drawing board and working up better content instead of throwing dollars after something that's not working.


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