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8 Social Media Post Ideas to Increase Follower Engagement

Posted by Char Baker on June 27, 2017

Social media has become a dependable outlet for consumers to discover new ecommerce brands, connect with their favorites, and research competitors and prices. Therefore, having an active presence on your social networks is vital for engaging new and existing followers. It’s important to keep your pages fresh with relevant content that defines your brand and resonates with your consumers.

An excellent tactic to fostering follower engagement is by offering a variety of content types to appeal to different preferences and learning styles. Publishing a wide range of social posts allows you to expand your reach and influence. You’ll attract more people to your posts because you’re providing multiple ways for users to connect with your content.

The following outlines eight social channel post ideas that gives variety while increasing follower engagement for your digital marketing strategy.  

#1 Share Your Blog Posts More than Once

Social outlets are a proven source for traffic generation. Many businesses are publishing content to increase brand awareness, cement their position as an authority in the industry, and drive ongoing visitors to their sites. In fact, social drives 31% of referral traffic to websites.

However, when posting content, many brands fail to maximize their reach in their organic strategy. On Facebook, for example, your Page organically reaches about 16% of your fans. With so much content being shared on the largest network, the Newsfeed is simply too competitive. Additionally, Facebook is getting smart about only showing people the content that is most relevant to them (Source: Hubspot).

To improve your odds of being seen, post your blog posts more than once to boost exposure. Use a different headline with each post so it doesn’t appear redundant. Include an image that complements your post to capture attention. Finally, add keywords that your audience is actively searching to improve SEO. 

origami-bird-twitter.jpg#2 Infographics

Did you know infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content? These highly visual, data-driven content pieces are great for relaying information that’s easy for your readers to digest. They generate incredible engagement and attracts new followers to your content through shares.

Infographics perform well on Pinterest so add them to related boards to increase awareness. You can also create a separate blog post highlighting your infographic and share it for greater exposure.

#3 Customer Testimonials

A quick way to building trust with new followers is by posting positive customer testimonials and reviews of your company. Seeing others' experiences builds believability that your product or service works. Prospects will feel more confident in their decision because of your customers’ success with your business.

Repost any user-generated content that showcases your brand or products. Mention your customer's social handle to give thanks and recognition for taking the time to post their positive experience with your brand. This is a great way to get new followers onboard.

#4 Industry Related News

Your content marketing strategy should be focused on how to keep followers coming back to your page. By being a source of information, your audience is more likely to revisit because they’re expecting new content. Publishing industry related news shows that you stay abreast and connected to what’s going on. You’ll continue to be viewed as an expert and authority in your niche.

When sharing industry related news, opt to go live with Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, or Periscope. Live social videos draw followers into your brand and culture. It humanizes your company, making you highly relatable. Viewers also get a chance to interact with you in real-time. It’s simply an ideal tool to report breaking news and give followers an opportunity to engage with you. 

#5 Highlight Team Members

Allow people to get to know your company by highlighting your team members on social. Recognize your Employee of the Month, the top sales rep, or someone who’s making huge contributions to the team through their work ethic and involvement. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries to make your followers really feel like a part of your brand.

#6 Company Events

Social media craves authenticity and transparency. Showing more of who you are significantly builds trust and loyalty with your followers. Because people do business with those they know, like and trust, inviting them into your world offers excellent opportunities to foster this trust.

Therefore, publish images and videos of company events. The holiday party, company BBQ, or office meeting are creative ways for social media to experience more of you. 

 #7 How-To Videos

Sixty-four percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Videos have an amazing ability to capture attention and move viewers to action. They’re also easy to follow and viewers get a true glimpse of your passion for the topic.

How-to videos are incredibly valuable because you’re helping your audience achieve a specific goal they can implement immediately. Share those that pertain to your products/services or industry. Make them concise while highlighting the benefits and features that are favorable to your customers.

At the end, offer a way for people to purchase your product by directing them to a landing page to capture their information, then to your sales page.

#8 Curate Content

Curation is a smart strategy to fill in the gaps of your content marketing. By collecting, organizing and sharing the best content in your industry, you’ll solidify your position as a reliable resource. Publishing others' content reveals you have your consumers' best interest, giving them the top content in your field. 

Increasing social follower engagement results in traffic, leads, sales, and brand loyalty. Including the suggested post types in your social media marketing will add variety to your content, appeal to more of your audience, and generate favorable results in your digital strategy.

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