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7 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Back to School Campaign

Posted by Bernard O'Leary on August 29, 2016

Back-to-school season is more lucrative than ever before, with sales in 2016 expected to hit over $820 billion. Whether you sell online or use your digital presence to entice people to your bricks-and-mortar store, you need to compete for a share of this enormous market. Here are seven tips to help you leverage the power of social media to win customers:

1. Pick the Right Channels

Which social media platforms are the best for communicating with shoppers? Facebook and Twitter obviously play a big role, but a survey by CSA found that 24 percent of respondents were looking for back-to-school ideas on Pinterest. When using a visual site such as Pinterest, be sure to create visually appealing galleries of your stock.

2. Contact Influencers in Your Area

The CSA survey found that 37 percent of respondents looked at blogs and social media for reviews. A little research can help you identify influential local figures. If you contact these people, they may be willing to accept samples for review and talk about you to their followers.

3. Encourage Sharing Through Contests

"Follow and share to win!" It's a tried and tested method, especially on Facebook, but that's because it works so well. If you offer an enticing prize, people will share posts with their friends, which helps your follower count.

4. Offer Practical Tips for Busy Parents

In general, it's a mistake to have a social media output that is just sell, sell, sell. People like to have engaging or useful content that adds value to their lives. So mix it up and offer some information that might help busy parents. How about a list of ideas for nutritious lunch recipes, or tips for getting homework done?

5. Leverage Remarketing

Now is an excellent time to invest some of your ad budget in remarketing. Many of your target customers may have browsed your site already, and now they need reminding that you are still open for business.

6. Create Limited-Time Offers

Back-to-school lasts for two months, which often means a sudden rush of business toward the end of August. You can balance the flow over the summer by advertising limited-time offers, such as weekend flash-sales.

7. Start a Little School Rivalry

What's the best school in the county? Start the conversation on social media, and people may start gathering from far and wide to pitch in. This is a great way to build engagement and spread brand awareness.

Social media is a great way to start conversations with parents and guide them to the right choice when they're making the important back-to-school buying decisions. Make sure your voice is heard.

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