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6 Important Aspects of Digital Marketing

Posted by Matt Mitchum on March 20, 2018

In the last year or two, it's become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between inbound marketing and digital marketing. This is only natural. Inbound marketing has completely overtaken the minds and tactics of most marketing teams, but that doesn't actually mean that everything about digital marketing is inbound -- or even that everything inbound is digital marketing. If you are in charge of it for your company, put down the inbound fashion tips article (just for a minute) and think for a moment about your entire digital infrastructure. Every asset matters, as does every aspect of your campaigns. If you really want to create a complete online conversion experience, it's important to have all six aspects of your digital marketing infrastructure ready.


Your website is the beginning and end of all your digital marketing efforts. As long as you have a well-built network of SEO keywords and phrases integrated into your website content, you can guarantee that at least some of your online traffic will come from search engine explorers and that your website will be the first thing visitors see. It is also where all your content, business information, product or service pages, your blog, and every single one of your landing pages will wind up. Naturally, you'll want a well organized, smooth, and attractive website ready to be the workhorse of your digital marketing suite.



Next is PPC or Pay Per Click ads. While these can be built in any way you prefer over a number of platforms and delivery methods, in essence, they are banner or search engine listing advertisements that will give online browsers the opportunity to find your website quickly and efficiently. The beauty of the exchange is that you only pay for visitors that find their way to your landing page through these ads.

Mobile App

No modern company in the world can get away unnoticed if they don't have a mobile app. These days, smartphone users simply assume that a company will have an app and will search for it in the app store automatically if they like the services provided online or in person. Even if your app doesn't do much yet, have one ready and welcoming for clients to log in, look around, and manage their accounts from.


Should you build yourself a blog of industry and company related content? Absolutely! The blog is the heart of both inbound and digital marketing as it is often the cheapest and most rewarding way to build SEO and draw in online 'foot traffic'. The more frequently asked questions you answer, DIY instructions you give, and engaging behind-the-scenes stories you tell, the more avidly interested your online community will become. Not to mention the opportunity to show off your expertise and encourage readers to try your services.


Social Media Presence

Now that you've got everything people expect to find when they look up an online company, complete with website, app, and blog, it's time to start building your social media presence. This will become the center of your online activity and where you will interact most with customers who gather to socialize, gossip, and learn something from your content. Post at least twice a day and always answer comments.

Video Series

Finally, with everything else prepared, one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can create is an engaging series of online videos, sometimes known as social videos when used in social media. This can be anything from a cooking show to a series of employee interviews to a helpful and organized set of how-to instructions. Just make it episodic, fun, and talk to your audience directly as if they were a friend in your workshop or living room.

Building a strong digital marketing plan is all about knowing where to start. First, you need the infrastructure and a web server capable of handling a steadily increasing amount of traffic. Once you have all the assets, you can start building an influential online presence, building awareness and gathering leads wherever you go.

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