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5 Video Hacks to Boost Your Content Marketing

Posted by Char Baker on July 6, 2017

Video has become a powerful marketing tool for increasing awareness and building authentic relationships with followers. Four times as many customers say they would rather watch a video about a product than to read about it. Video content captures more attention from users, engages them and quickly moves them to action.

Finding ways to add more video in your content marketing efforts can help you connect with more of your audience while improving ecommerce conversion rates. Here are five video marketing hacks to enhance your ecommerce strategy.

Social Videos

On Facebook, the average video post generates 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Social videos drive excellent engagement from followers, easily getting noticed in newsfeeds where static images are the norm.

Create short instructional videos that either demonstrate your products or provide a solution to a common problem in your industry. Reduce your video to the most basic steps of the process then speed up your video in production (editing) so it only lasts about 30 seconds.

How-to videos are incredibly effective because you’re solving a pain point for someone who has self-identified themselves as being in the market for your product.

Live Videos

Brands and consumers alike have have found live video is a highly effective way to interact with their followers. Pioneered by Snapchat and copied by apps like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, mobile technology is making it easy for marketers to hone relationships with their fans through real-time connections. People get to see an intimate side to your brand, fostering authentic and personable experiences with your viewers.

Live video also creates that “sense of urgency” as followers know they won’t be able to view the content in the present moment again. It’s a great strategy to draw in and connect with your followers.

Here are a few suggestions to leveraging live videos for your ecommerce marketing:

  • Q&A sessions - you give viewers an opportunity to ask questions of executives in different areas of the company.  Bonus: document these inquiries as they can serve as topic ideas for future content.

  • Take viewers behind-the-scenes - show how products are manufactured or carefully packaged and shipped to anxious customers.

  • New product reviews - review the features or inspiration behind the latest designs to build excitement.

  • Customer interviews - Take your testimonials live with an interview of a real customer. 

Video Landing Pages

Adding a video to a landing page can improve conversions by 80%.  Brands using video on their landing pages are able to get their message across quickly in an easy-to-digest format for visitors that makes them want more. Since growing your leads list is always a priority, this tactic should be applied to contact forms and tracked to sales.  Have one that includes the video and the other without. See which produces the best conversions to ensure what you’re doing is working. You will find that it was well worth the investment.

This may be your visitor’s first encounter with your brand.  If you want to make the impression great and compelling…you want to use video! You’ll build trust quickly.

Email Marketing Videos

Fusing video and email marketing is the perfect recipe for increased open and click-through rates. In fact, simply adding the word “video” in the subject line can drive a lift in open rates.

The benefits of video email marketing include:

  • greater reach as subscribers are more likely to find your message interesting than plain text

  • time saved for you and your recipients as videos help you condense your information into a short clip that is easy for your subscribers to digest 

  • they're shareable and easy to forward, helping to increase awareness and exposure


From product videos to short GIFs, adding video to your email campaigns can drive engagement and boost click-through rates by as much as 200-300%.

Branded Content

Videos that tell your story and embody your values gives your followers a window into who you are as a brand. People connect with you through your story.  It helps you establish common ground with your followers, making you relatable and real. Stories also separate you from other brands which helps you distinguish your value proposition from the competition.

Delve into the “why.” What inspires your team and what problems are you solving through your products? What charitable contributions do you make to your community? Share what motivates your team to get up and go every morning. Revealing your story adds profound meaning and purpose when people do business with you.

Video marketing has a role in multiple stops along the customer journey. You’ll capture more attention and engage different audiences by leveraging this tool in your ecommerce marketing

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