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5 Tips for Using Periscope to Promote Your Brand

Posted by Ashley Arcel on July 7, 2016

Periscope, a live video streaming app, is making a hit with companies everywhere. Released in early 2015, Periscope allows brands to share real-time videos with followers.

While there are many ways for businesses to succeed in the world of digital marketing, Periscope offers a unique set of benefits that are ideal for building brands and gaining followers.  Follow these five steps to start using this innovative little app to promote your company's message:

1. Use Periscope to Create Excitement

When Adidas used Periscope to live-stream a video of world-class soccer player James Rodriguez putting pen to paper as he signed an endorsement contract with the brand, fans went wild.

To build excitement and give customers something to look forward to, use Periscope to offer clips of happenings within your company.

2. Use Periscope to Provide Sneak Peeks

In an unprecedented and drool-worthy move, fashion company DKNY used Periscope to offer viewers a glimpse inside the brand's closet. Since this view wasn't something that customers would otherwise have been privy to, it went viral.

You can reap the same results by using the live-feed app to offer viewers sneak previews of product development, new arrivals and exciting announcements.

3. Use Periscope to Help Customers Bond With Your Company

Clothing giant Urban Outfitters uses Periscope to stream live U.O. events. This approach helps customers who weren't there feel closer to the action and boosts customer bonding with the company.

4. Use Periscope to Become the Primary Source of Information for Your Customers

If you've ever tried to find a live-stream of something and failed, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, Periscope can put an end to this.

By providing brands with a way to live-stream events, Periscope lets you be the source of information. Take Marc Jacobs, for example. The brand used Periscope to stream the Marc Jacobs Resort '16 Presentation.

5. Use Periscope to Build Authority

It's old marketing knowledge that referencing authority figures in your marketing can help inspire confidence in consumers. Puma demonstrates this by using Periscope to live-stream Rihanna debuting one of its newest collections.

6. Advertise Your Periscope Material

Your Periscope content is only as good as its publicity, so you need to promote it. Send out a tweet before you live-stream or invite your followers on Facebook to a spontaneous Periscope event. Word will spread and people will be watching your account in no time.

The Case for Periscope

While Periscope is a relatively new app, it's making big waves in the world of digital marketing. Use these five tips to boost your brand and engage your customers with exclusive live streaming.

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