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5 Mobile Devices You'll Want in 2017

Posted by Becky Bicks on January 9, 2017

There's no doubt: we've entered the age of mobile technology. Industries across the world are incorporating tech into movable products to make them even easier and more convenient to use than ever before. Humans can now enjoy WiFi-connected watches, shirts that detect sweat in order to offer proper ventilation, and pens that remember what you write. In 2017, there will be even more exciting developments in mobile technology -- and the following five devices are ones that you won't want to miss throughout the year.

Logbar ili

Have you ever been in a foreign country and couldn't communicate? Logbar's ili can help solve your problems. Logbar is a wearable, dongle-sized translation device with its own OS that instantly translates words from Chinese and Japanese into English (it also translates Japanese into Chinese, and vice versa). To use ili, travelers can simply speak into the device (or have someone speak into the device), then wait for the device to give the translation through a speaker. Logbar plans to incorporate more languages soon, including French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Arabic and Italian.

Doppler Labs Here One Headphones

This year, Doppler Labs is releasing their Here One headphones. These wireless earbuds have both Bluetooth and near field magnetic induction (NFMI) technology incorporated into them, so wearers can stream music while they run. The Here One headphones are also built with special noise filtering technology, so you can hear your music clearly, no matter what environment you're wearing them in.

HTC Vive Tracker

HTC has created the Vive Tracker -- a small device that connects to objects and turns them into virtual reality toys. Essentially, the Vive Tracker uses motion tracking technology to detect the movement of an object that it is attached to, which means that people can use any object they want to play associated VR games. The device is small and three-pronged, so it can easily be attached to any object of a player's choice. HTC Vive Tracker is a great device for anyone who loves virtual reality games and has always wanted a hand in creating their own playing experience.

Nimb Ring

The Nimb Ring is an internet-connected ring intended to help keep wearers safe. While the ring looks like an ordinary, fashionable ring, it has a panic button concealed on it that will alert loved ones and emergency services in case of an emergency. When you hold the panic button down for three seconds, the ring sends your GPS location to people you have designated (and a rescue team), and it begins to track you in real time so people know exactly where you are. The Nimb Ring can be used in cases of attack, kidnapping, medical emergencies and more.

Polar Team Pro Smart Shirt

Fitness company Polar is creating a smart shirt, which is intended to be worn by athletes and runners. The Team Pro shirt is a sleeveless, comfortable running shirt that has two fabric sensors built in. The sensors monitor the wearer's heart-rate, which eliminates any reason to wear a chest strap. The shirt's collar also has a pocket for a small device called a pod, which has a built-in GPS and can be used to measure things like how fast you run, the distance you've gone, your acceleration and more. The Team Pro shirt is a great tech device for anyone looking to maximize their fitness and understand their workouts.







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