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5 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Strategies

Posted by Emily Goodman on November 16, 2017

The holidays are right around the corner and hopefully brands have taken advantage of early holiday planning strategies. If not, it does not mean it's too late to capture more customers before the season is over. The last few weeks before Christmas, moving into New Year's, are a great time for ecommerce businesses to ramp up their marketing efforts and ensure that they'll be able to bring in the maximum number of customers. By implementing these last-minute holiday performance marketing strategies, merchants will discover more ways to raise their holiday revenue and solidify a great final quarter of the year. 

1. Offer Last-Minute Holiday Content

From a fantastic blog to Facebook's live video options, there are plenty of ways to connect with customers to offer the last-minute holiday content they're craving. As the holiday approaches, savvy businesses take the time to consider what customers need most. Are they looking for a few final gifts for the person on their list that's hardest to shop for? The perfect gift to take to a White Elephant party or a great gift for a Secret Santa? What about the content that will make customers the hero of their holiday gatherings: incredible recipes that can be thrown together at the last minute, decorating tips, or the perfect way to make extra space in the home when last-minute guests show up? Providing the content that customers genuinely need will help position businesses as thought experts and make it easier for them to connect with customers. 

2. Move Out Your Holiday Stock

If the holidays are getting close and stores have decorations or gifts that simply aren't moving, it's time for a flash sale! Last-minute shoppers are looking for great deals that will allow them to save money on the items that they haven't been able to purchase ahead of time. Promoted effectively, the limited time and exclusive nature of flash sales helps insulate the brand from diminished value.

111219.12-days-of-christmas.jpg3. Create a Countdown

The holidays are all about rushing to meet deadlines. So offer a great countdown promotion. Businesses can count down for the 12 days of Christmas, count down from the first day of December to free or expedited shipping deadlines, or create another fun countdown promotion. Ideally, they will offer customers special deals each day or offer hints to a big product reveal that will get customers excited. They can also create a countdown to the New Year and a great series of new product reviews. 

4. Get Personal

Customers are seeking the best deals of the season, but that doesn't mean that they'll forget the companies they've shown their loyalty through the rest of the year. It's important to look for ways to reach out personally with emails tailored to specific personas and needs. Businesses should offer customers content and promotions specifically geared toward their holiday shopping needs. From parents who need the perfect Christmas gift for their kids to newlyweds looking for the ideal gift for their spouse, there are plenty of ways to can personalize holiday campaigns. 

5. Don't Forget Mobile

More customers than ever are using their mobile devices to handle their holiday shopping needs. Mobile ads will put a company's information directly in the hands of your customers. Use ecommerce solutions to address the concerns customers are facing right now: taking care of their last-minute gift shopping, decking the halls, and taking care of increased holiday responsibilities. 

The holidays are just starting, and it's the perfect time to plan last-minute sales, holiday shopping, and more. By taking advantage of these five last-minute marketing strategies, ecommerce retail can bring in more holiday traffic, raise holiday sales, and better position the business to appeal to customers in the coming year. As the fiscal year closes, stakeholders want to be confident that they've done everything in their power to get an unfair share of revenue.  Following these steps is a step in the right direction.

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