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3 B2C Marketing Lessons to Catch From Pokémon GO

Posted by Michelle Johnson on July 28, 2016

Although consumers rave about the new Pokémon GO app, B2C marketers will find much to learn. Discover three B2C marketing lessons from this buzzworthy app, including marketing on memories, creating exclusivity and making time for "face" time.

Market on Memories

The Pokémon GO app demonstrates how marketing on the memories of fans can be a gateway to their emotions. The popular 1990s cartoon-based mobile app drums up good memories, such as after-school video game group sessions.

Using nostalgia is a great way to get in touch with a customer's emotional side. As an apparel brand or e-commerce retailer, you not only have individual consumers as customers, but you also have businesses customers, such as investors, partners, wholesalers and brick-and-mortar stores.

Speak to your customers' emotions by reminding them of good experiences. The situations don't have to be complicated! An experience could be as simple as publicly sharing a past Facebook memory showing gratitude to current partners, designed to commemorate their long-standing loyalty. Building on good memories gives you the chance to build rapport that can establish trust and prospective business opportunities.

Create Exclusivity

Pokémon GO has bands of loyal fans for a good reason: when players reach the fifth level of training, they can join a team where they engage in friendly battles or battle to defend the team's Gym. Being a part of a team is like being part of an exclusive club with unique privileges. It gives players a sense of belonging and prestige.

Similarly, customers like the concept of being the only one to have exclusive access, whether it be a special event or a members-only price. Creating an exclusive club or providing privileged customer insight will allow you to create personalized experiences and solutions that build rapport and drive brand loyalty.

Make Time for "Face" Time

The Pokémon GO app is also exemplary of how to be successful at driving customer engagement and interaction. Pokémon GO players have to explore their environments to capture Pokémon and battle at Gyms. This exploration gives each player "face" time and the opportunity to interact with friends and even meet new people. It teaches the valuable marketing lesson that "face" time is still important even in a digital world. Remind your customers that you are still human and their time is valuable. Give them that "face" time to forge or sustain relationships, whether during a video conference or over brunch.

Pokémon GO may be a Pokémon fan's dream, but it stands to teach valuable marketing lessons you can apply to your digital and offline marketing campaigns. Engage and sustain customer relationships, and you can easily drive up your sales.

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